Camino De Singapore

Camino de Singapore is a fortnightly reflection on local news concerning our vulnerable brothers and sisters through the lens of the Catholic faith. It is so named as we are companions on a journey to Christ in Singapore.

The Camino de Singapore team comprises Joe, Leonard, Rachel, Sabrina, Tiffany, Anita, Jacob, Manolo, and Jorain.

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Let Him take control

You, Me, and God


Fulfill your God-given potential


Love, not judge

Overcome our addiction through His grace

God has plans for us all

Prioritise love


Turn to Him


Surrender to Him


Live to the fullest


For His love for us overflows


Teach Compassion, not Competition


We can all be Saints


Let go of ambition


See Christ in the poor


Let God take the wheel


God can redeem anyone


Love cannot exist without empathy


Use faith and reason in social service work


Recognise the gifts of the poor and vulnerable