About Agape Village

Agape Village, our initiative in the heartlands of Singapore

Our home, Singapore, is a bustling cosmopolitan city with low crime rates and an even lower chance of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricane and droughts. Many consider our beautiful green city an affluent, a world-class city and a haven.

However, the vulnerable and marginalised still exist among us.

What we offer through Agape Village (AV) is the Integrated Case Management System for clients and beneficiaries. With the co-location of 14 of our member organisations at AV, beneficiaries and clients can now have access to holistic care – from counselling, to legal and medical – all under one roof. This also removes the need not repeat their difficult story over and over again at each place.

In areas where more support is needed, our Caritas team at AV collaborates with other NGOs, VWOs, government bodies as well as community partners to complete the care cycle.

About Agape Village

We conducted a “Study of the Poor” in together with Catholic Welfare Services and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. We identified three key approaches when working with the poor.

  1. Upstream help
  2. Holistic approach
  3. Integrated service

Based on this report, our Archbishop William Goh launched Agape Village in 2015. AV operates on five Principles of Service.

  1. Serving in a manner that upholds dignity
  2. Personal and family responsibility
  3. Balance between long-term improvement and short-term relief
  4. Choice and participation
  5. Empowering rather than creating dependency

The co-location of member organisations within AV, we have seen an increase in efficiency in responding to beneficiaries and clients, and enhanced quality of care. And around us, we are happy to see the increased motivation of social workers and counsellors.

This beautiful space in AV gives us a tranquil site for networking with the bigger Caritas family in Singapore.

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